Our Story

Humanativ stands for Positive Human Advancement

We are an animal and food nutrition company with global capabilities. Humanativ is a joint venture between Devenish Nutrition and Mara Renewables Corporation, which means we are driven by scientific expertise and sustainable production. We are passionate about humanity and dedicated to creating natural food produce that positively influences human health.

Our naturally produced Omega-3 DHA aligned with our scientific expertise in animal nutrition advances and enhances human health.

Our values run through everything we do and are the foundation stone of our partnership – these inform our thoughts, words, actions and processes and help us work towards a future we want everyone to experience.


At Devenish we are specialists in sustainable food solutions, leading pioneering research and development in response to the consumer demand for safe, nutritious and sustainably produced food.

Headquartered in Northern Ireland, with sites across Ireland, the UK, USA, Mexico, Turkey and Uganda, our team of nutritionists use science and technology to ensure the most effective and efficient utilisation of nutrients in the production of meat, milk and eggs.

Our strategy focuses on the importance of optimising nutrient utilisation in soil, plant, animal, environmental and human health – that’s why we call our approach ‘One Health – from Soil to Society.’


At Mara Renewables Corporation we believe there has never been a more critical need to evolve cost-effective, renewable commodities through scientific advancement. At heart, Mara is a research and development firm.

We plan to develop and continually improve upon our unique, patent protected technologies to become the preferred supplier of omega-3 fatty acids in human nutrition and related industries – but our overarching vision is to go even further.

We aspire to become a leading developer of advanced, sustainable algae-based bio-products and in-doing so will support a cleaner and healthier future.